Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Indulge me please....

I was home about a month ago and have to admit I love Iowa and my family:)  Please indulge the me with the amount of images I am loading.. and don't mind all the different sizes.

This is one of my favorite views (the field behind our backyard)

My brother Drew leaves on a mission in less than a month.  I can 't even tell you how much we will miss him.So this is kind of amazing.  We went bowling at a little town alley and this was an actual sign on the wall there... and yes that is a saw hanging above it!
And this is the hallway to the Banquet room.. yes the carpet is printed with treasure chests overflowing with gold.... lol

The look on grant's face when he realized there was room for him in another car... but it was too late he was stuck with the girls.

Have I mentioned that Grant is pretty much awesome?!

Abbie's bowling shoes were the cutest things ever!

Erica.. remember that great game of air hockey?.... I am pretty sure I cleaned the floor with you;)

Me and all the nieces and the nephew

So basically it was so much fun....


MegRuth said...

Is your Iowa home still dry? It looks so lovely there.

Emily said...

This is the greatest post ever! That picture of the front of your house brings back some real memories. So fun to see the pics of your familia.

Beth said...

Hi Gabby! So fun to see some pictures of your family and house. Your blog is awsome, and I'm curious about your stylish life in Ny. Do you know Christina Thurston? She is my husbands cousin. We see her accationally. She is going to art school there, and is in your ward I think. She says she knows you.

Anonymous said...

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