Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It Finally Happened

I started this blog to note all of the truly insane, bizarre, unique, and habitual things that tend to happen in my life (especially in this city)  Well... after starting the blog... nothing of consequense happened.  I was overjoyed thinking somehow I had found a way to un-jinx 25 years of "luck" (I refuse to consider myself unlucky)  But alas tonight waiting on the platform for the A train at the 125 stop it found me.  Walking down the platform I passed a post and right as I walked by it I heard the sound of someone spitting.. that is right I was spit on by some punk kid.  He looked at me as said I was aiming for the track and then walked away. No offer to wipe his loogie off my coat. No apology.  Just me standing there with a spit wad on me.  I suppose I should be positive about the whole situation.  It was just on my coat,  At least it wasn't my ear! 


Capree said...

Ew! Oh Gaby! Your mis-adventures do astound!

Mark Weinberg said...

I am so glad you started a blog for all of your crazy adventures!