Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spiritual Lives Of Great Composers

I am currently re-reading this book. And the passage on Handel touched me so dearly I thought it would be a nice post. It kind of encourages me to dig down deeper and push on towards my goals. Enjoy!

It may be difficult to appreciate the struggles that threatened to make the story far shorter. In Handel's Case especially, had he not possessed an amazing ability to bounce back from repeated disaster, such well loved works as the Messiah and Royal Fireworks Music would never have been written.How often Handel must have felt like giving up! What fits of depression his many failures would have caused an average composer. To a man who knew he had but one great talent, seeing that go unrewarded so often must have been profoundly perplexing. And to see other London composers, whom he knew to have less genius, enjoying the success that eluded him for so many years - must have driven Handel to extreme exasperation. Yet through all the frustrating years before his financial success, Handel simply refused to quit.

Handel refused to be deterred by setbacks, attacks, illnesses, or even severe financial woes. It is a tribute to the faith and optimism Handel possessed, relying on God as he worked to overcome significant obstacles and to create music which is universally cherished today.

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